Welcome to the Gwent Bibliotherapy Project Web Site

All families have questions or difficulties from time to time and there is a lot of evidence to say that using good quality self-help materials can be very effective at these times.This scheme can help you access books that provide such information and support. It is currently running in Gwent NHS Trust only, but other areas may start to use the scheme in the future. The self-help books selected for the recommended list have been reviewed by professionals and local families who rated them as being both helpful and easy to use. Most of the books are aimed at parents/carers.

How to access books

You can discuss the scheme with any local professional in Gwent who works with children and families. For example, your GP, Health visitor, Midwife, School Health Nurse will be able to tell you more about the scheme. If you think that it might be helpful for you, they will recommend a book from the selected list and give you a slip which will say how long you can borrow it for. You can collect any books from your local library. You do not need to be a library member already.

More Information Soon

The website is currently being developed and throughout the next few months we will be adding more and more information to it. We will be making documents available to download soon.

Thanks for taking an interest.