Information for Professionals Working in Gwent

About the scheme

This is a scheme designed to help make psychological approaches more accessible to children and families by providing quality self-help books in local libraries. There is a lot of self-help material available, but not all of it is equally good. This scheme has identified some of the best books currently available.

If families seek your advice about a relevant issue you may want to recommend a book from the list. Local professionals from health, social services, education and the voluntary sector have been provided with packs that will allow them to recommend the books to families.

Some libraries also have the books on general release that families can borrow in the usual way. Alternatively, some people prefer to buy the books for themselves, and nearly all our recommendations are currently available from bookshops or online.

The Approach

This scheme is designed to help promote the psychological well-being of children and families. All families are different, and when difficulties arise the whole family is affected by what is going on. By looking at as many points of view as possible the recommended books offer a variety of ways to understand the complexities of child development, family life, stressful life events and some of the more challenging behaviours and emotions that children may display.

The aim is that the books contain useful information and advice without being too prescriptive. They encourage people to use and develop skills they already have, and suggest new ones they may want to try to help them manage their situation. Most of all the importance of good relationships and communication are addressed as key factors in dealing with any difficulties in family life.