Siblings without rivalry


Author – Adele Faber

Age Range – 5-16+

Key words – Promoting relationships


This book is for parents how would like to think about and improve relationships between their children. Parents are asked to consider their children’s relationships directly, as well as their own relationships with their children, and their own experiences of being a sibling and being parented. The book is presented in an easy to read style and uses different techniques to engage parents with eliciting change in their family, such as, case studies, cartoons depicting helpful and unhelpful ways of managing situations, tips and summary tables. The authors also draw upon their experience of being parents and ideas from running groups for parents about sibling rivalry.

‘Siblings without rivalry’ asks parents to think about what it may feel like to be a part of sibling rivalry, before going on to identify some of the main themes that tend to surface when parents talk about their children not getting on. Throughout the book there is practical advice about different ways to manage these situations. Due to the direct nature of this advice, parents could find the book daunting to try without support, and disappointing if the techniques suggested are unsuccessful. It is also probably a book that is most helpful when read thoroughly, rather than a book to dip in and out of. Overall, however, this book is well worth reading. It provides clear and inspiring ideas about a subject that parents commonly ask about.